Welcome to Good Dhamma blog. 

The name comes from  my ordained name, Sudhamma: Su means Good;    Dhamma refers to the Buddha’s teachings, or Truth, or phenomena. It’s one of those live-up-to-it names.

Here you’ll find my reflections on the Buddha’s teachings, Buddhist culture & religion, ordained life, my personal experiences, current events, and an advice column.

To easily navigate, go to the Posts icon (above) and hover your cursor. The list of topics will drop down. Then hover over each topic  to show its documents. Recently added items are also listed to the right of this page.



It has been 10 years since I fully ordained as a bhikkhuni, and 15 years since I left the household life to dedicate myself full-time to learning & practicing  the Buddha’s teachings. Now 50 years old, I’ve tried to make good use of this life, and am willing to share what thus far I’ve learned works — and doesn’t work — to bring happiness.

I hope my words will be useful to you, perhaps pointing towards liberation, certainly cautioning against what’s un-liberating, hopefully while giving you some uplift, comfort, insight, new understanding, and better results in your life.

You will find the posts sorted into topics titled Dhamma, Monastic Life, Personal Updates, and Dear Ayye: Q&A (the advice column). Soon to be added will be a Children’s topic, and Resources.

Your feedback is most welcome. You may reach me at DearAyye [at] gmail.com (spell ayye in the email address with an ‘e’.)

Kind regards,

Ayya Sudhamma Theri

Proper credits for this blog: whatever wisdom you find on this site comes from the Buddha and those who have shared teachings with me; all foolishness here is mine alone.

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