April 2012 Guiding

April 17, 2012 Facebook Post, Guiding the new nun
(Written at Santi Forest Monastery, NSW, Australia)

Day before yesterday a new resident arrived to stay for the next few months; she is one of the two nuns I helped fully ordain in Perth Oct 1st. She is delightful, a good new friend to have around.

Late last night the newcomer, Ven. Munissara, returned to the main building to report that she couldn’t find the path turnoff to her cottage (an old caravan) deep in the dark woods. In the rain. Fortunately I hadn’t retired yet but sat reading (a wonderful translated book of colorful dramatic 17th century stories from China. Being Librarian I find all kinds of good stuff among the Rejected books tucked away in an attic space.)

Full of pity for her, I walked Ven. Munissara all the way there, even though she could have found her own way once I showed her again the turnoff to her cottage. Good thing that I did; even though the path is clear in my mind I nearly got lost myself several times on the way back, repeatedly finding myself having stepped off the little path into the brush without realzing it until a fallen tree or thick undergrowth alerted me and I backtracked.

Glad I didn’t leave her to navigate the obscure path alone in the rainy darkness.


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