Mar 2012 A normal ordination

1 March 2012 Ordination of two bhikkhunis, Perth, Australia. (March 5th Facebook post)

I’m back at Santi (eastern Australia) from my several-day trip to Perth (western Australia), where on 1st March 2012 we did an ordination ceremony to fully ordain two junior nuns. Joyful time!

PHOTO ALBUM:   (I suggest copying any photos you want now while they are still hosted)

I experienced a wonderful welcome, good care with my medical diet, long conversations over cups of hot tea, updates on activities of other nuns, teachings from Ven. Tathaaloka, friendship with Sisters I’d never met before, and more; all topped off with the beautiful ordination ceremonies on Thursday.

Bhikkhuni Ordination of Ayya Pasada and Ayya Munissara

Bhikkhuni Ordination at Dhammasara near Perth, Australia March 2012

First we bhikkhunis alone ordained the nuns, at Dhammasara nuns monastery in the early morning; then in the evening, we made the hour & a half drive to Bodhinyana, the monks’ monastery, where the monks gave our new bhikkhunis their confirming ordination. All was accomplished without fanfare, without a big crowd, without any controversy, but just treating the ordination of two earnest nuns as the most natural, normal thing to do. Now that’s truly radical!

By the way, if you heard about flooding in Sydney and surrounding areas, caused by the rain coming nearly every day for weeks, don’t worry. This area is on high ground, no floods around here that I know of. Just the creeks are running loudly and strong.


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