Our new nun!
8 September 2012  Originally posted on Facebook
We held a going-forth ordination here at Santi last week. Our new Spiritual Director, Ajahn Brahm, was visiting from Perth and witnessed the ordination.Ordaining Sangha Sept 2012 Samaneri Tapassi
The former white-robed MaeChee Faa became Samaneri Tapasi. Her tears during her ordination affected us greatly. Our new nun looks beautiful in the gold robes.
See photos:
Below are a couple of announcements that I made on Santi Forest Monastery’s website, before & after the ceremony:

Dear Venerables, friends and supporters,

We are very happy to let you know that there will be a Samaneri ordination for Mea chee Faa (Sureeporn) at Santi forest monastery on the afternoon of the September 3rd, 2012. Ms. Sureeporn was ordained as a Mea Chee (8-precepts-nun)  on 30 April, 2010 in Wat Rampoeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand, with  Achahn Suphan as her preceptor. Her Samaneri Ordination (novice training with 10 precepts) is approved by her former preceptor.

The ceremony will take place in Big Cave, at 1:00 pm of 3rd September 2012. All are welcome to Santi to celebrate with us in this joyous occasion.

This entry was posted August 20, 2012  


The ordination, which was witnessed by Santi’s new Spiritual Director Ajahn Brahm, was a sweet and deeply moving event.  We feel gladdened and blessed by our lovely new samaneri.

See photos posted in a new Santi album:


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