Read Longing to Ordain, published online in 2010 by Alliance for Bhikkhunis (AfB): Longing to Ordain *

Bhikkhuni Sudhamma traces the origin of contemporary Buddhist ordination of women to Queen Anula, Sri Lanka’s first bhikkhuni, and recounts her own experience in visiting the queen’s stupa.

Arahant Sanghamitta (with Bodhi tree) arrives in Sri Lanka, on a mission to ordain Queen Anula Devi & ladies.

Arahant Sanghamitta (with Bodhi tree) arrives in Sri Lanka, on a mission to ordain Queen Anula Devi & ladies.


“On the island of Sri Lanka, during the third century BCE, a junior queen (a sister-in-law to King Devanampiya Tissa) dwelled in royal comfort. Known as Anula Devi, or Queen Anula, she was to become the first Sri Lankan woman to ordain as a Buddhist bhikkhuni (female monk) –…”

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3 thoughts on “Longing to Ordain

  1. bonolo

    Ayye, dumela(greetings)

    I really appreciate your blog. I have been finding it hard these days to balance my spiritual with the real. I am not the strictest meditator on the planet. I have this problem since the age of 13, I have always wanted to be a bhikkuni but I thought it was a dream meant for others. Lately I cannot stop thinking about this. I really have been thinking about having children but as far as finding a
    partner…that dream would need a lifetime to occur.
    I feel like that is a goal I could work on…but I feel like I’m delaying my life. I am into my 30’s and I am not getting any younger. I am afraid that once I have children a monastery
    or nunnery will come calling: asking me to leave family life or that family life will take over and I will not be able to think about a nunnery.

    I feel so conflicted because. Of these decisions I feel like once I figure these out, it
    will be one big leap over samsara.

    Please could you advice.

    1. ayyasudhamma Post author

      Dear Friend,
      It would be great if you can attend our upcoming gathering of bhikkhunis and wannbees in California. Here is a link if interested.

      1. bonolo

        Thank you for responding so swiftly. Unfortunately I live in another continent. I will continue to search for an answer.

        Kind Regards

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