I incite you to read my essay  The Reading Habits of One Bhikkhuni,* published in the online magazine Present by Alliance for Bhikkhunis (AfB) August 2012. It offers a snapshot of my favorite reads, with links to purchase or access free downloads.


Human-interest writings such as autobiographies and travel accounts also catch my attention easily… One that I often recommend to visitors is Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott’s hilarious yet deeply moving two-volume account of their travels in India, Rude Awakenings and Great Patient One . . .

Just yesterday I re-read Bhante Dreams of Bhadda
Sujato’s unique, highly creative novel based on
the life of one early
arhat nun, entitled
Dreams of Bhadda. Though short enough to be read in one sitting, the book’s
haunting imagery—based
upon a true story—will not soon leave you…

Click link to read entire article:


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