Feb 2013 Updates

Updates on my life that I originally posted on Facebook in February 2013.

Yesterday Feb  27, 2013
We had 9 families represented at the teaching on Buddhist Basics that I gave in a new friend’s home in Charlotte last Saturday. (19 people total.) We had a great time!
A few kindly brought gifts* for the local battered women’s shelter. (By supporting women in crisis we can help save lives and prevent tremendous suffering for them, their children, and everyone affected by family violence.) Yesterday a friend drove me & gifts to the shelter, and we got a tour of their great new facility. Very nice! Last month they transitioned from cramped housing & offices (crammed into 5000 sq feet) into this spacious 45,000 sq foot attractive state-of-the-art safe facility. It’s awesome. The staffers all have huge smiles.
Many areas of the facility are named after the local businesses and civic groups that sponsored the furnishings, with little plaques by the doors. It feels good to see so much caring and involvement by the community. Volunteer groups, mostly churches, have fixed up most of the bedrooms (family suites), making them cozy and welcoming. They still need people to do total makeovers of about 9 more rooms. Interested, anyone?
* 4 big bags of sugar, about 30 cans of soup, a new DVD player & half a dozen DVD movies.
Charlotte Domestic Violence Shelter | Safe Alliance
Charlotte Domestic Violence ShelterServicesSafe Alliance proudly announces the opening of the Clyde and Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter in winter 2012-13. The new shelter is the realization of a dream and a source of hope for those in need of sanctuary from abusive situations. The new Safe A…
  • Sat Feb 23rd I’m giving a teaching in Charlotte on “Buddhist Basics” (at a residence in Myers Park neighborhood). If you wish to attend, contact me for details. The teaching will focus on teenagers but adults will also enjoy. 10:30 am – 2 pm (Potluck lunch.)

To spread Buddhist principles of harmlessness & goodness, and support cultural traditions of Vietnamese people in the USA.

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  • Soooo… how’s the weather, dear Friends up north? We had the windows open here this afternoon. I raked leaves, no need for a sweater. Some early bright yellow jonquils (daffodils) are blooming in the yard; I wouldn’t mind a little more of winter before the hot season (i.e., most of the year) hits. Ah, life in the South! (USA)

Posted by Ayya Sudhamma Bhikkhuni 28 Feb 2013.


3 thoughts on “Feb 2013 Updates

  1. Maya

    Dear Ayya Sudhamma,

    In mid-2012 we met at Santi FM in Australia.

    At the time I was visiting for the afternoon, and had brought an A3 sized Folio of mainly images (copies of drawings, photos, some originals of painted & mixed media images, poems etc…) for the Santi FM Library over the transitional months in leadership. We spoke about it in the office that day —>> to jog your memory, I remember you looked through the first few pages of it – line drawings of a figure seated under a tree.

    The cover is Pink and has an A4 sized colour photograph image of a fountain with running water on it. I put it together as a record of my experiences with Santi over the years, as a major transition was taking place…it was offered to share for a while with any visitors or residents had any interest, and has somewhere between 30-50 pages double sided.

    I said I’d be back to collect it sometime after the 2012 vassa, and wrote my phone number on the back cover. I contacted Santi in early 2013 to follow up, expecting it would still be there. The Library, and storage rooms of the Sala are the 2 most likely places we thought it would be – and unless it is really well hidden, it is not in either of these locations.

    This is being sent as an appeal to ask if you know what happened to it?

    Any info you can offer about it is welcomed.

    I emailed you to ask about it a month ago on;

    Please advise whether you know anything about this matter, as the residents at Santi have no idea, and we have looked for it in a range of locations at Santi. Some people remember seeing it around, but nobody remembers if it was thrown out by accident, given away, put away somewhere else, misplaced etc…The last time I saw it was at the farewell event on the 22nd of July 2012. I left it on one of the round tables in the Library on that day.

    An entry – which includes the image on the cover, has been posted on the Santi FM website about it a few weeks ago.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    With metta, Maya

  2. Maya

    Dear Ayya Sudhamma,

    The message I posted on the 8th of March looks like it’s on your blog. It appears in the replies to the ‘Feb 2013 Updates’ section – which is where this message is also being sent. Perhaps there was a delay with it being uploaded onto the blog or a technical issue. Are these messages now visible to you?

    It’s about a Pink A3 Folio of images from when you were in Australia – at Santi FM 2012.

    I can resend via email or re-post if it’s not appearing for you?


    With Metta,



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