Personal updates from some of my Facebook posts in January 2013.

January 27

  • Made a quick trip to Greenville SC, for just a few days, to attend a ceremony, and stayed with Ven. Sudinna at the Carolina Buddhist Vihara; got back late last night. Today, in Charlotte, I led a daylong meditation retreat at a yoga studio, with about 20 meditators attending. We had a great day.

January 16

  • Finishing up a couple of weeks teaching Dhamma in a tiny town in Vermont. My mid-winter visit has been received enthusiastically. Snow is falling outside the windows; beautiful. A neighbor took me show-shoeing earlier today. The local Baptist pastor, whose church helped sponsor my visit, brought my lunch. It [the town] looks something like this painting.
  • Spending a couple of weeks giving teachings in a snow-covered beautiful village in Vermont (USA). The people welcome me graciously with great interest. I’m so happy! I’m staying warm, but the winter air has been chilly; temperature was only 1 degree F (-17.2 C) early this morning! Neighbors here keep telling me about the unusual low of -15 F (-26 C) that occurred the night before I arrived. Brrrrr!

Posted by Ayya Sudhamma Bhikkhuni 28 Feb 2013


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